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Apple denies any collaboration with Philippe Starck

Apple denies any collaboration with Philippe Starck

In an interview with France Infos agreement, Philippe Starck said on Friday collaborating with Apple in a project surrounding the release of a “revolutionary” product which will take place in eight months. For its part, the Cupertino company refutes the existence of a collaboration that links it to the French designer.

Philippe Starck DR

Philippe Starck would he have fun playing with words to make this shocking revelation our colleagues from France Info that he is collaborating with Apple on a "revolutionary" product expected to be released in eight months? This is what we might think now since Apple, questioning this subject by the Wall street journal a few hours after the revelation of these indiscrtions, to declare "Not to be linked to the French designer in the conception of a new product", refusing any other comment.

According to the same source, Philippe Starck would however have links with the Jobs family around the design of a … yacht. To this end, the French designer has met Steve Jobs many times in recent years. Information which is confirmed in the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. We checked it.

Extract from the biography of Steve Jobs (page 605): “Even after her sick leave in 2011, Jobs had hung on to her boat project. To arrange the interior, he hired Philippe Starck, the French designer, who regularly came to Palo Alto to work on the plans ”.

The yacht model that Philippe Starck is working on for the Jobs family.

Revealing this Friday that he's visiting Palo Alto on Monday, “Now that he's dead, I'm going to see his wife”, did he specify France Info, no doubt that this small detail suggests that the famous project could simply concern the work around the yacht of the Jobs family whose completion should take place in eight months …

Finally, during his interview, Philippe Starck spoke of "Apple's culture of secrecy" and that he could not say more about the famous project. Would it be a snub to the media who usually bounce back "around the corner" when Apple news is revealed? There would be only one step to think about it.

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