Apple definitively abandons Thunderbolt Display

ecran thunderbolt display apple - Apple abandonne définitivement l’écran Thunderbolt Display


Posted: June 26 2016
Updated: June 27, 2016

by benjamin

The screen Thunderbolt Display will no longer accompany Apple computers such as Mac Pro or Mac Mini. The apple firm has indeed formalized its abandonment and it is not yet known whether it intends to replace it or not.

thunderbolt display apple screen - Apple permanently abandons the Thunderbolt Display screenThe announcement was made on many specialized sites and Apple was very clear in its statement. Here are the terms she used to explain it: “ We are abandoning the Thunderbolt Display. It will be available at, Apple stores and at authorized resellers while supplies last. There are many quality third-party screens for Mac users. ”

If this statement is to be believed, the Cupertino company has stopped producing Thunderbolt Display screens and is encouraging Mac users to switch to competing products. So we wonder if she really hasn’t planned to find a replacement for her or if it’s just a strategy to give her time to develop another higher quality screen. As a reminder, recent rumors have mentioned the preparation of a 5K screen with an integrated graphics card.