Apple cuts production for all three models

Apple cuts production for all three models

The fact of no longer revealing the quarterly sales figures for its electronic products such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac computers continues to worry investors who have sanctioned the share price.

This new opacity, in a context where it was already difficult to obtain indicators on the sales of Apple products, complicates the situation of financial estimates and could mask a slowdown (or even a decline) in sales of iPhone, a revenue engine from the Californian firm and a marker of its ability to maintain its growth for many quarters.

The fantasy of a large renewal cycle that would generate large volumes, promised for several semesters, does not give obvious signs of a materialization and the regular rise in prices of the iPhone, if it protects margins, does not necessarily argue in favor of increased volumes.

The shy financial forecast for the crucial holiday season add to fears of a cold snap on the group's results and of less success of the new iPhone (iPhone XS / XS Max and iPhone XR), despite strong initial expectations among analysts.

The Wall street journal adds a layer by claiming that Apple has cut production orders for the three new iPhones, appearing to confirm weaker than expected demand.

This statement follows an initial report which suggested a reduction in orders for theiPhone XR, yet seen as the model which, by its lower price (but still above 800 €), was to generate high volumes.

The fact remains that immediately concluding the failure of the new iPhones with these few reports on changes in production is a bit risky, Apple being used to quickly regulating its production.

Rather, this complements a bundle of evidence that tends towards moderate rather than enthusiastic demand for the new iPhones. Unfortunately, it will become increasingly difficult to conclude anything, due to the lack of concrete data each quarter.