Apple could present new Macbooks during WWDC

Apple could present new Macbooks during WWDC

icon macbook 2016And if Apple was surprised to introduce new, more powerful MacBooks during WWDC 2017?

The three Macbook ranges should be concerned with the update, offering more powerful processors to its machines.


more powerful macbooks

This is Mark Gurmanjournalist Bloomberg, which tells us the information: Apple should offer an update of its Macbook during WWDC 2017.

Unfortunately, the author of these rumors remains evasive on the subject, teaching us only that faster processors should be integrated in Macbook. In addition, the Macbook Pro should be equipped with a 7th generation Intel processor, Kaby Lake.

To see during the event if this information is true, as a reminder, the WWDC will run from June 5th to 9th!