Apple could offer $ 200,000 to the teenager behind the Facetime flaw

grant thompson - Apple pourrait offrir 200 000$ à l


Posted: February 7 2019
Updated: February 7, 2019

by Steve

You remember the flaw Facetime, which was fixed with a patch (iOS 12.1.4) fromApple deployed today? Well imagine that this bug, which allowed to spy on a contact via the application, was discovered by Grant thompson, a 14 year old adolescent. Yes, 14 years old. Grant, well aware of the situation, had also castigated the inability of the employees of the brand to find the fault when he, from the height of his young age, fell on it by chance.

grant thompson - Apple could offer $ 200,000 to the teenager behind the Facetime flaw

Grant’s act deserved a reward. And it’s been done since February 5. A senior apple brand official traveled to Arizona to thank the teenager himself. ” He also told Grant that he would be eligible for the bug bounty program. “Said Grant’s mother at the microphone of the TV station CNBC.

This reward program is specially intended for users who discover flaws in Apple systems. The expected compensation varies from 25,000 to 200,000 dollars, depending on the size of the bug discovered. ” If he got a bonus, we would certainly use it for the university. I think it will go far Said the teen’s mother. A way like any other, for Apple, to transform their flaw into a coup de com ‘…