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Apple could equip its 2019 iPhone with new antennas

Ming-Chi Kuo, the most reliable analyst in the world ofApple, has just delivered a new report. According to him, the Apple could adopt a new system for radio antennas.

According to information Kuo, the American firm is migrating from liquid crystal polymer antenna (LCP) technology to a new antenna technology called MPI. Regarding the reasons for this decision, Ming-Chi mentions the lack of LCP suppliers, which reduces the possibilities of price negotiations with the main supplier. In addition, the analyst specifies that LCP technology is more “fragile” and difficult to manufacture. Apple has also reportedly encountered performance issues with LCP technology.

iphone xs 1024x576 - Apple could equip its 2019 iPhones with new antennas

To produce the new antenna technology, the Cupertino company would have the choice between five suppliers. It could therefore better negotiate the proposed rates. According to the predictions of the Chinese analyst, the 2019 iPhones could integrate a mixture of two technologies, namely 4 MPI antennas and 2 LCP antennas. As a reminder, the current generation of iPhone incorporates 6 LCP antennas.

Note that the analyst maintains his predictions regarding the screen sizes of the next range of iPhone that will be marketed in 2019: two iPhone OLEDs of 5.8 and 6.5 inches and a LCD model of 6.1 inches.