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Apple could become a mobile operator

Apple could become a mobile operator

We have heard this rumor a lot, but according to Whitney Bluestein, a veteran of the industry, it should become reality in the next few years. Apple has a large network of stores around the world, continues to grow, and will likely not resist the attractiveness of becoming its own master for long by offering different pricing plans with its devices.

According to Whitney Bluestein, it is only a matter of time before Apple becomes a mobile operator. For now, the glove of the iGadgets is satisfied with the conditions offered by operators, such as AT&T, which pays tens of millions of dollars to the Californian company while advertising its products. But the temptation would quickly become too great. It's hard not to think of the millions of users who could pay a monthly subscription for their calls, SMS and Data. It's hard not to think of the thousands of Apple Stores around the world just waiting to welcome new customers. It’s hard to forget this patent from 2006, which was just renewed in late 2011 and which would allow Apple to become a service provider.

But when? Bluestein said it could happen anytime. In 1 month as in five years. He assures us that Apple is thinking about this idea, and is certainly working out a plan to enter this market. All the elements are in the hands of the American glove: from Stores to devices, including the possibility of offering price plans to the purchase of a device, without forgetting the wealth of iTunes which could very easily offer services of card subscription and complete infrastructure for a new mobile operator.

So, dream or reality? At the moment, hard to say. Apple certainly does not seem ready to become in the immediate future a mobile operator, on the one hand because the company always pockets millions from the operators, and on the other hand because if it wanted to embark on such a business it should imperatively think everything to avoid a commercial failure that could cost him very dearly. Finally, it is difficult to say whether the public would be interested in such an offer and leave their usual operator to join a multinational with which they would have practically no contact. On the other hand, it must be admitted, Apple already has many cards in hand to play a poker game …

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(Source: PadGadget)