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Apple cope with a 25 million fine by the DGCCRF


The BatteryGate affair continues to be talked about, and for good reason, the DGCCRF has ordered Apple to pay a fine of 25 million euros. The primary reason is deceptive marketing practice by omission from the American glove.


Recall that the BatteryGate dates from 2017 when Apple decided to set up a barrier in iOS for devices equipped with a used battery. This concerned the iPhone 6, iPhone SE and iPhone 7. This change made in iOS significantly slowed down the performance of the iPhone, without the user being informed. In addition, Apple did not allow them to deactivate this slowdown function, intended to protect the components of the iPhone. The BatteryGate is born when the users made known their dissatisfaction. To respond to the discontent, Cupertino then launched a battery replacement program. But that has not been enough to calm consumers, even if Apple reimbursed them for the costs incurred if they had their iPhone battery replaced on their own.

The association HOP (Stop the obsolescence program) then initiated a complaint against Apple. She accuses the Californian firm of having deceived its customers, while stressing the lack of information. Of course, there is also talk of program obsolescence.

The DGCCRF ranked alongside HOP. The chief of staff, Loc Tanguy, said: Consumers should have been informed of the risk. This lack of consumer information constitutes a deceptive marketing practice by omission.

If Apple has since integrated an option in iOS to disable the slowdown, the damage is already done. Now, it is no less than 25 million euros that are claimed in this case.