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Apple condemns paying Texas firm $ 368 million

Apple condemns paying Texas firm $ 368 million

A jury in Texas (southern United States) ruled on Tuesday that Apple should pay a fine of $ 368 million for violating four patents belonging to the American computer company VirnetX, it announced on Wednesday. condemned


“We are very satisfied with the outcome of our complaint against Apple”, to how the general manager of VirnetX, Kendall Larsen, in a press release. “This victory establishes the importance of our patent portfolio”, he estimated.

VirnetX had accused Apple of not having paid fees for certain technologies used in particular on the iPhone and iPad and allowing secure communications over the Internet. The days have proven him right.

VirnetX, a company specializing in IT security, bases its activity on the exploitation of its patent portfolio.

Besides Apple, it has already initiated proceedings against a series of technology groups. In particular, it obtained two years ago that Microsoft paid it $ 200 million to settle lawsuits.

The VirnetX share soared 25.33% 32.95 dollars around 3:00 p.m. GMT on the New York Stock Exchange, while Apple lost 1.81% 569.69 dollars.

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(Source: AFP)