Apple concedes refund for iPad 4G in Australia

Apple concedes refund for iPad 4G in Australia

Apple will have finally given in to threats from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission by announcing a reimbursement of consumers by false advertising around the new iPad. Buyers who wish can indeed return their tablet to be reimbursed for their purchase. To avoid future concerns, Cupertino has removed the indication "4G" from its Australian site and from all publications.

Faced with threats of legal action from the association, Apple has finally decided to reimburse consumers lss by the argument 4G of the new iPad. Several buyers had indeed complained of not being able to access this type of connection in Australia when the Apple site indicated this possibility. In response, Apple has removed all references to 4G and replaced them with an antenna symbol. The Cupertino company nevertheless defended itself in the courts by explaining that it was not specified that the new iPad was compatible with the 4G network of Telstra in Australia but was nevertheless compatible with several 4G networks internationally, hence the presence of the “4G” logo during the launch.

Remember for our part that the new iPad is indeed 4G compatible but only in the USA and Canada and with certain operator networks only.

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(Source: ABC)