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Apple: Code courses promised to French students have still not started

Apple had announced, last year, the possibility for certain French students to follow programming courses, via the language Swift. Swift, quézaco? Swift is a programming language specifically dedicated to the creation of iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch applications. On the Apple site, we read: ” Swift is designed to give developers unprecedented freedom. And since it’s easy to use and available in open source, anyone with an idea in mind can create something amazing ” Among the creations via Swift are the Airbnb app, Kickstarter and LinkedIn.

swift - Apple: Code lessons promised to French students have still not started

To promote its language, Apple had therefore announced a partnership with 70 universities and graduate schools from 16 countries: Spain, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, Portugal…. But also France. SUPINFO, CESI, ESGI and Sorbonne University therefore had to receive these courses entitled “The code for all”.

13 months later, French establishments have still had nothing. Contacted by MacGeneration, Sorbonne University claims to have been unable to obtain information from the persons concerned. Likewise for the CESI group, and SUPINFO did not respond to requests. Only ESGI already teaches the Swift language, but the partnership is still unclear: “For the moment, this partnership is underway and should come to fruition in a while, but I don’t have much information to send you. Future Apple application developers may still have to wait patiently …