Apple Store Chine - coronavirus

Apple closes two more stores in China due to coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to spread in China, Apple has decided to close two other Apple Stores in the country.

Apple Store China - coronavirus

To date, the coronavirus has killed more than 170 people, and thousands of infections. In fact, Apple has temporarily closed stores located in Nanjing and Fuzhou in China.

Following the Q1 2020 financial conference, Tim Cook confirmed the closure of the Qingdao Apple Store. In total, there are therefore now three stores closed by the company that causes coronavirus.

Apple plans to reopen stores in Nanjing and Fuzhou on February 3, while the Apple Store in Qingdao will reopen on February 4.

Recall that Apple has also made the decision to limit employee travel in China to critical operations only. In addition, Cupertino provides care kits to its employees located in Wuhan and throughout China.