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Apple closes some of its stores to fight patent hunters


Posted: February 24, 2019
Updated: February 23, 2019

by Steve

Apple can’t take it anymore. The apple brand has decided to close two of its stores in the state of Texas, in the United States. This time, no work or structural reorganization, but indeed a permanent closure. On April 12, it will be impossible for local customers to buy their iPhone and others iPad, and this, because of a funny community.

applesouthlake - Apple closes some of its stores to fight patent hunters

One of the Apple Stores plagued by closure.

In question ? No Mormons or sects, but “patent hunters”, or “patent trolls” in English. A patent hunter is a natural or legal person who uses patent litigation or licensing to make money. It is even its main economic activity. In other words, he first acquires a patent which he has no use for, then files a complaint against the companies whose products seem to profit from this same patent.

In the United States, existing laws often prove patent hunters right. And especially in the state of Texas, where Apple recently lost to VirnetX, a patent troll that was making its salt on so-called technologies used in FaceTime and Messages. By closing its two stores, Apple hopes to send a strong message to local authorities: ” Change the law, or say goodbye to Apple