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Apple: Chinese BOE to provide the screen of the future iPhone?


Posted: March 15 2019
Updated: March 14, 2019

by Steve

Despite its sales problems in the Chinese market, Apple do not intend to let go. And better still, the apple brand will try to solicit it. According to new rumors, the Chinese supplier BOE may well provide screens for a future iPhone. A profound change that will undoubtedly complicate relations with the South Korean Samsung

screen iphone boe - Apple: Chinese BOE to provide the screen of the future iPhone?

Samsung has so far been privileged by its gigantic infrastructure, which allows it to produce in huge quantities. The Korean group therefore does a large part of its business on the production of iPhone. Surprising, isn’t it? The numbers are such that many companies want to race.

This is the case of BOE, the largest screen manufacturer in China, which is trying to get into Apple’s little papers. The Korea Herald We learn that BOE is currently working on a technology similar to that of Samsung, to be able to produce touch screens in one block rather than having a screen + a layer on top which manages the touch part. Having only one touch screen would reduce costs. If Apple chooses BOE for its screens, it will still have to rely on Samsung, which remains the only manufacturer to be able to deliver astronomical quantities of components. Towards a double partnership?