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Apple Card: jailbreak and cryptocurrency prohibited, double authentication required


Posted: August 5, 2019
Updated: August 4, 2019

by Steve

Who says expected novelty, necessarily says slight disappointments. TheApple Card, the bank card developed by the apple brand and the company Goldman sachs, promises fully dematerialized features, which could revolutionize contactless payment. And much more that Apple Pay. Goldman Sachs recently released the Apple Card customer contract, which contains some informative elements.

To have an Apple Card, the customer must activate two-step authentication on their Apple account and on their phone. As a reminder, this means that an additional verification is required after entering their email address and password, such as an SMS or an email.

Another point mentioned in the contract: the iPhone which have Apple Card cannot be jailbroken, security requires. It is forbidden to attach an Apple Card to a jailbroken iPhone, otherwise the account linked to the card could be blocked.

Finally, the contract prevents any use of the Apple Card in the purchase of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin for example. Cash back, a highly anticipated feature, is also detailed in the contract: for purchases in the Apple Store, the cash back is 3%. For purchases with Apple Pay, 2%, and for purchases with the Apple Card, 1%. If you make a purchase that combines two elements, the most priced purchase is taken into account. As a reminder, the Apple Card arrives this month in the United States.