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Apple Card: Apple shares videos to explain how it works

Apple Card: Apple shares videos to explain how it works

Apple Card iPhone 1000x602 Apple Card: Apple shares videos to explain how it works

Apple has just shared several videos around the Apple Card on its American YouTube channel. These videos detail the process of configuring the physical card of Apple, its activation, its use to make purchases? There are ten videos in total and they explore all the functionalities of the Apple Card.

In first place, Apple Card subscription. It?s easy ; the user must go to the Wallet app installed by default on his iPhone, type the ?+? logo placed at the top right and choose the Apple Card. Then press the button ? Carry on ? and confirm Apple account information. There you go, it?s good. For its part, the physical card will be sent by mail in a few days.

For activate the physical card, it?s still very simple: if the user has an iPhone XS, XS Max or XR, he can activate it simply by holding his iPhone near the packaging; liPhone X and earlier models do not have NFC reading in the background, therefore the user manually enter the Wallet application.

In the video below, Apple shows how find the card number, the expiration date and the security code. You may need to use this information when paying for services that do not accept Apple Pay. At any time, you can request to change your card number if you think your card information has been compromised or stolen.

As for the other videos, they explain how to make a purchase in a physical store, make an online purchase, see the Daily Cash, check expenses, get assistance.

The Apple Card is available for certain users in the United States and will be available to all US users in a few weeks. However, it is not known when it will arrive in other regions.

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