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Apple Card: a virtual and physical bank card that will save you money


Posted: March 26 2019
Updated: March 25, 2019

by Steve

The great mass ofApple is passed, and with it a good package of service announcements. So in addition toApple News +, ofApple Arcade and Apple TV +, Apple Pay was honored via the Apple Card, a physical bank card. Apple has always argued that Apple Pay is the easiest and most secure way to shop. The service is available in 40 countries, including Australia, where 99% of stores accept this payment method.

Official Apple Card - Apple Card: a virtual and physical bank card that will save you money

Apple now wants to push its system even further. Last night, the apple brand unveiled the Apple Card, a credit card service made up of a great development: cashback. Basically, for each transaction made via the Apple Card, the service will give you 2% of the amount spent. For Apple purchases, the percentage will be 3%. No ceiling will be required, and no personal data will be collected.

The Apple Card, usable via Wallet and Apple Pay, will also provide daily, weekly and monthly statistics, to find out how much you spent, where, and in what area. The after-sales service will also be there for any additional information. Finally, Apple has announced a physical credit card, the Apple Titanium Card, which will be used as cards in all stores not yet compatible with Apple Pay. Its totally refined design will not reveal your card number, your end date and your digital signature: everything will be visible in the Wallet app. And its cashback will be 1%. It should arrive in the United States this summer.