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Apple Car: the apple brand would rather lean towards an Apple Van


Posted: February 26 2019
Updated: February 26, 2019

by Steve

Rumors are becoming more and more insistent. The apple brand, which plans to launch itself into the dangerous and innovative world of the connected car, seems to revise its ambitions downwards. Facing the giants Google and You’re here (which does not stop at the level of the models offered and the value for money always better), Apple According to the information we have, we would like to either create a real autonomous car, or integrate an autonomous driving system with several vehicles from several manufacturers. An approach never done before.

apple van - Apple Car: the apple brand would rather lean towards an Apple Van

Today, Store Manager points to the first option: the only difference is that the Apple Car could not be a sleek and fast car, but a good big family van. An electric van, of course! The German media indeed claims that the Cupertino company has designed various prototype electric vans and has done a lot of research concerning batteries, electric motors, seats and components for the interior of the vehicle.

For the moment, Apple obviously has not confirmed. Tim Cook only announced an interest in autonomous and electric vehicles. But smart vans may well land in the near future, Apple having signed an agreement with the manufacturer Volkswagen to use its vans on its Apple Park campus: vehicles then transported employees.