Apple Car concept design

Apple Car: the agreement with Hyundai will be signed in March 2021, launch scheduled for 2024

The agreement between Apple and Hyundai is taking shape. The partnership could take effect in March of this year, while the first models of the electric car could see the light of day as early as 2024. Neither company has yet confirmed their potential collaboration.

Apple Car concept design
Credit: LetsGoDigital

We are getting closer to an official announcement from Apple on its future electric car. The latest news is that the Apple Car could be made by Hyundai. The information seems to be confirmed, while some sources say the agreement will be signed from March of this year. If the partnership is effective, the launch could well take place from 2024, as previously announced.

This partnership would indeed allow Apple to quickly start production of the car, on which the firm has been working for a few years now. The two companies have reportedly already found where to manufacture the vehicle: in Kia Motors factories, a subsidiary of Hyundai, Georgia. It is also possible that they combine in the purchase of another factory, in order to produce 100,000 cars by 2024. In total, 400,000 cars could be built.

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Towards a beta version of the Apple Car from next year

The agreement with Hyundai would give the project a big boost. A report indicates in particular that it would be possible to see a beta version of the Apple Car from next year. This will be an opportunity to take a look at its truly revolutionary battery before its launch in 2024.

It is better, however, not to claim victory too quickly because, in addition to the possibility that the partnership will ultimately not happen, neither of the two companies has officially confirmed to be in negotiation. Hyundai has already cited Apple in one of its press releases, but the latter wall in silence About that.

His name has since been removed from the press release, and Hyundai refuses to comment on the subject. Instead, the firm prefers to say that many companies have approached it to develop a new electric car. We will therefore probably know more in a few months, if the agreement is ever signed.

Source: reuters