Apple Car: production in Georgia is confirmed, discussions with Hyundai continue

The Apple Car will be well produced in Georgia, according to a new report released today. The Cupertino company has approached Hyundai to build its future electric car, and the two companies have agreed to mobilize a Kia factory in the United States to launch its manufacture.

Apple Car concept
Credit: LetsGoDigital

Apple and Hyundai continue their negotiations around the future electric car. A potential agreement could be signed in March 2021, for a launch scheduled for 2024. Hyundai has also claimed to have started discussions with the Cupertino company, before reversing a few hours later. The Korean company would thus entrust the production of the vehicle to its subsidiary Kia, which prompted some to raise the possibility that the Apple Car could emerge in its factory in Georgia, in the USA.

A new report published by the Korean newspaper eDaily today confirms this information. The paper states: “It is common knowledge that Hyundai Motor Groups, having received a collaboration proposal from Apple for its electric car, has internally appointed Kia Motors to take the reins of the project. If Kia decides to accept, production of the Apple Car will take place at the plant in Georgia, USA ”.

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Apple-Hyundai deal still uncertain

According to eDaily, discussions between Kia and its parent company began on Tuesday. Hyundai’s strategy would be to “Facilitate cooperation with Apple” by basing the production of his car as close as possible to the seat of the latter. Note that Apple plans to equip its vehicle with a revolutionary monobloc battery, based on LFP Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technology, which could explain this merger.

The report also states that Hyundai would have commissioned Kia because it itself would not “not compatible” with this project because of its “Strong will” to develop its own brand. It is for this reason in particular that the negotiations lengthen over time, even though the Korean firm is “Pole position” for Apple’s ambitions. There would therefore still be two months to wait before having the partnership between the two companies confirmed.

Source: eDaily