Apple Car: photos, video, this is what the electric car could look like

What if the Apple Car looked like something that owners of the brand’s products are familiar with? Designers have indeed imagined the appearance that the electric car of the Cupertino giant could take based on… The Apple mouse.

Apple Car Concept

The tech giants are more interested in the automobile, it is undeniable. If Huawei is launching a car brand and Sony unveiled its Vision-S at the last CES, other brands have also been looking into the issue for a long time, starting with Apple.

Earlier in the week, crucial information about theApple Car leaked: the connected car of the Cupertino company, which has been talked about for years, would finally be released in 2024. Apple would even develop a monoblock battery that would use LFP technology (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate). Enough to ensure better safety for the future Apple vehicle, while reducing its manufacturing cost.

Apple Car Concept

But before Apple reveals its plans, what could Apple’s first car look like? Should we expect a vehicle with classic curves, or was Apple working on a much more innovative design? The LetsGoDigital site has partnered with CConcept Creator to imagine what the Apple Car might look like, based on the design commonly used on Apple devices.

What if the Apple Car looks like Apple’s mouse?

In fact, to design the plans for the hypothetical Apple Car, LetsGoDigital was mainly inspired by a mouse: the Magic mouse, which equipped the iMac Pro. And the result is most astonishing (and attractive, it must be admitted). We observe a vehicle with sporty and classy lines, the concept being ultimately very far from what we currently see on the roads. The designers imagined the vehicle all in black, with the only slightly colored element a red curvature located at the rear of the vehicle.

Apple Car Concept

In short, the Apple Car would therefore adopt a resolutely futuristic look. But you have to know that Apple is used to shaking up everything that is done in terms of design, whether you like the approach or not. So why not, after all?

Remember that all this is for the moment only a hypothesis, Apple has not even officially announced work on such a project. And you, what do you think of the design imagined by Concept Creator? Feel free to leave a little comment below, we’re really curious to hear what you think.

Source: LetsGoDigital