Apple Car: development is still in its early stages, a launch not before 2025?

The Apple Car continues to be talked about. According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, development of Apple’s first electric car is still in its infancy. For him, a launch before 2025 seems utopian, especially as upheavals in the electric mobility market could further push back the vehicle exit window.

After several months of no news, the Apple Car is slowly, but surely, coming back to the fore. While we recently learned that the entry into production of the Apple Car will begin in 2024, renowned Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo disclosed more information on this Monday, December 28, 2020.

According to his information, the launch of the Apple Car is unlikely to take place between 2025 and 2027. “We predicted in a previous report that Apple will launch the Apple Car in 2023-2025 […] However, our latest survey indicates that the schedule for the development of the Apple Car is not yet clear, and if development begins this year and all goes well, it will launch no earlier than 2025-2027 ″, he believes.

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The success of the Apple Car far from assured

Due to the evolution of the EV / self-propelled market and Apple’s quality standards, we would not be surprised if the Apple Car launch schedule is postponed until 2028 at the latest ”, he continues. In addition and still according to the statements of Ming-Chi Kuo, the success of Apple in the electric vehicle market is far from assured, the fault of the delay of the Apple brand in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, also called machine learning.

The analyst would like to point out that Apple’s excursions into new markets have not always been successful. “For example, Apple missed its entry into the smart speaker market. Demand for HomePods and HomePod mini has been lower than expected, and development of new speakers has been put on hold for now ”, he emphasizes.

As a reminder, the Let’s Go Digital site recently published photos and videos of the Apple Car. To achieve these concepts, the designers were based on the look of the Magic Mouse, the Apple mouse that equipped the iMac Pro. Suffice to say that the result is rather original and atypical.

Source: Wccftech