Apple Car

Apple Car Could Be Made By Hyundai

Hyundai has officially announced that it is in talks with Apple before backing down. The manufacturer could be the one retained by the Cupertino company to manufacture the Apple Car.

Apple Car
Credit: Let’s Go Digital

We’ve been talking about it for a few weeks now: one of the most anticipated projects by Apple fans is thearrival of an autonomous electric car that we call at this stage for lack of official name “Apple Car”. We do not yet know much about this vehicle except that Apple has the ambition to revolutionize battery technology.

But it seems in any case that the project is progressing quickly internally. So much so that the firm began to contact car manufacturers to outsource their manufacture. We have indeed seen it with Tesla: becoming a car manufacturer cannot be improvised, takes time and can be very risky.

Hyundai reveals a little too quickly that it is in talks with Apple to manufacture the Apple Car

Apple therefore has no interest in launching its own production units. all the more so as this is clearly less profitable than designing the whole. Friday, Hyundai Motor Co. has officially confirmed that it is in discussions with Apple. Before turning back a few hours later. It must be said that Apple does not like to make noise around its products and partnerships during its development phases.

The automaker therefore explains in a second press release that it has received collaboration requests from several companies in addition to Apple. Then a few hours later, a new press release where Apple is not this time at any time named claims that Hyundai has been contacted by “Potential partners to develop autonomous electric vehicles”.

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The com mess is in any case rather profitable : the builder’s course has climbed $ 8 billion or 19% in the wake of the first announcement. The corrective releases reduced these gains only marginally. In any case, this shows the strong interest around a possible car designed by Apple. Hyundai’s share price has never seen such a rise since 1988.

Source: Bloomberg