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Apple cancels AirPower and admits failure

A failure. Apple throws in the towel and cancels AirPower, a wireless charging station yet announced in 2017. The apple brand says goodbye to its product, unveiled during the keynote launch of the iPhone X. The visuals seemed enticing: on a single station, you could charge up to three devices, namely AirPods, an iPhone X and an Apple Watch. Our editorial staff, however, was expecting it very soon, since many rumors mentioned its production.

apple airpower - Apple cancels AirPower and admits failure

Still last Monday, during the famous conference focused on Apple services, we hoped the announcement of its release. But no: only the Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News + and the Apple Card were noted present. The Cupertino company, via Apple’s hardware engineering manager Dan Riccio, officially recognized the failure of the AirPower: “ After much effort, we have concluded that AirPower does not meet our high standards, and we cancel the project. […] We continue to believe the future will be wireless, and we are committed to taking the wireless experience one step further

Already last September, rumors pointed to many difficulties, particularly related to overheating of the device. The announcement of this death therefore puts Apple in difficulty, which has just released many products, such as the AirPods 2, the 10.5-inch iPad Air, and new Macs 4K and 5K.