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Apple buys modems from Intel for $ 1 billion


Posted: July 26 2019
Updated: July 26, 2019

by Steve

That’s it, it’s recorded, the case is in the bag! The apple brand, which was desperately looking to invest in technology 5G, but who could not because of overbooked suppliers and too low an internal production, announced the acquisition of the modems ofIntel. Intel forces, the price was high: a billion dollars, just that. Apple said in its press release that it is getting its hands on “the majority of modem activity” from Intel.

“This agreement allows us to focus on developing 5G network technology while retaining the intellectual property and modem technology that our team has created,” said Bob Swan, chief executive of Intel. “We have worked with Intel for many years and know that this team shares Apple’s passion for designing technologies that provide the best experiences in the world for our users,” added Johny Srouji, the chief technology officer at Apple.

Following this takeover, nearly 2,200 Intel employees join the ranks of Apple. 17,000 Intel patents will also pass under the aegis of the apple brand. Intel will continue to create the modems it wants, but only for PCs, connected objects or autonomous cars.