Apple boss demonizes Google and Facebook

Apple boss demonizes Google and Facebook

It becomes a habit for Tim Cook who has found a good angle of attack. There is no doubt that such a communication was cleverly thought out and prepared at Apple, but his boss was able to give it his heart during a speech delivered at a distance as part of a dinner organized by the Electronic Privacy Information Center .

Tim Cook was honored as one of the champions of freedom – a first for an entrepreneur – by this Washington-based public interest research center that works in particular on subjects related to the protection of private life.


Without naming names, the Apple boss shot on sight leading players in Silicon Valley " who built their business by luring their customers into the illusion about their personal data "." They gobble up everything they can learn about you and try to monetize it. "

Google, Facebook and others are obviously in the crosshairs with their business model around advertising and personal data. The attack on Google is even more implicit when Tim Cook claims:

"You might like these so-called free services but we don't think they are worth having your email, search history and even now your family photo data extracted and sold for God knows what advertising purpose."

Has Google not just launched Google Photos with free and unlimited storage? If Google has already tackled Apple for the high prices of its products, Tim Cook is a follower of the maxim: "If it's free, you're the product."

He assures that Apple is aware that its customers have a " fundamental right to privacy "." The American people demand it, the constitution demands it, morality demands it "For the WWDC conference, we can already expect Apple to cultivate its image of defender of privacy.

Remember that Apple also has an advertising business with its iAd service. On the Apple site, it is explained how to unsubscribe from targeted ads sent by this service.