Apple becomes the most powerful brand in the world

Millward Brown publishes its annual BrandZ ranking of the 100 most powerful brands in the world. It is based on a study carried out on 2 million consumers aged 15 and over in 43 countries. The value of a brand takes into account its role in the act of purchase, the clarity of its positioning and of course the financial and commercial performance of the company.

In this little game, the Apple brand wins and thus recovers its title of the most powerful brand in the world after having sold it the last time to Google. The value of the two brands has increased, but much more markedly for Apple.

The value of the Apple brand is estimated at $ 247 billion while that of its Google dolphin is $ 173.6 billion, far behind. Apple's performance is largely explained by the success of sales of the iPhone 6. What is more, the apple firm confirmed its post-Steve Jobs innovation potential by launching the Apple Watch.

The podium is completed by Microsoft (115.5 billion dollars) which is now ahead of IBM. Sales of Surface Pro and the acquisition of Nokia's terminal and service businesses helped in this.

The strongest growth over a year is to put to the credit of Facebook with + 97% and 71.1 billion dollars. A value that has doubled for the social network and validates its strategy for monetization on mobile or its takeover of WhatsApp. Not to mention its success in the video field against a competitor like YouTube.

With also Twitter, the biggest drop is for Samsung which according to Millward Brown suffers from its " intermediate position between low-cost brands and premium brands "In terms of technology brands, the new entrants are Huawei and Adobe.

Below, a Top 20 that focuses only on technology brands:


The same Top 20 of the most powerful brands in the world regardless of the category: