Apple Becomes Fourth Largest Computer Manufacturer In The World

With 9.6% of the market share, Apple now produces more computers than its rival ASUS.

macbook air

Apple’s notebook strategy seems to be paying off. In 2017, the Californian group managed to increase its market share by 8.3 9.6%, while its Tawanese rival ASUS saw its market share drop from 10.3 9.5%. A plunge that allows the American IT group to take fourth place in a sector in crisis.

Despite unfavorable economic conditions in the market, Apple recorded excellent results in 2017 with a computer industry. The success of the MacBook Pro has even allowed the firm to devour market share from its direct competitors. And according to Trendforce, the trend should intensify in 2018. The organization expects to see Apple's market share increase to 10.4% at the end of the year.

If Apple is still far from catching up with Dell (15%), which currently occupies the third step of the podium, behind Lenovo and HP, the fact that Apple recovers the fourth place in the ranking today shows a real desire on the part of the glove mobile to return to a market which today presents a strategic interest for him.