Apple contre l

Apple asks the EU for new rules against patent abuse

Apple has sent a protest letter to the European Commission over what is considered patent abuse in the European Union.

Apple against patent abuse

The Irish Time reports that various companies like Apple, Cisco, Daimler and BMW are asking European Commission officials to take action against other companies that abuse the patent system in place in the European Union.

Apple is one of 27 companies that signed the letter sent to the European Commission. The aim is to raise awareness among companies that refuse to license essential patents for fair conditions . In the letter, the companies claim to have collectively invested more than 45 billion euros in research and development and to hold more than 200,000 patents and patent applications. However, it is not yet possible to reach fair conditions with certain companies.

The letter does not say which companies refuse to authorize their essential patents fairly, but the Irish Times notes that the protest comes after Nokia refused to authorize its patents on components for autonomous cars. Ms. Apple is involved in the development of autonomous driving systems. It is therefore likely that the decision to send this letter started precisely as a result of Nokia's patent abuse behavior.

Businesses Argue Lack of Fair License on Essential Patents brags innovation, discourages new markets and connects suppliers to established customers . And once again, The practice of some standard essential patent owners of licensing only certain companies prevents them from planning investments in research and development .

In addition, companies are asking the European Commission to take decisive measures to ensure that European legislation and policy protect innovation in all sectors . What is striking in this letter is that it was signed by companies operating in different sectors, confirming the fact that this subject covers more fields and involves many realities