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Apple Arcade: more than 100 games, no ads, exclusive titles


Posted: March 26 2019
Updated: March 25, 2019

by Steve

Apple hit a big blow yesterday during his famous keynote! Focusing on apple brand services, the conference announced theApple Card, l” Apple TV +, Apple News + and Apple Arcade, the subject that interests us in this article. The service, which will directly compete with all video game subscription platforms, namely the Game Pass Microsoft and Google Stadia, may well seduce you with its offer.

Apple Arcade Apple TV Mac iPad iPhone - Apple Arcade: more than 100 games, no ads, exclusive titles

Currently, the Apple App Store contains no less than 300,000 games. Not all of them are excellent, far from it, and many of them are free-to-play, including free. Over a billion users iOS have already played a game available on the App Store once. Today, it’s Apple Arcade that is in the spotlight. This unlimited subscription system will allow you to play 100 so-called “premium” games (paid, therefore) as soon as it is launched. And this without advertising, without purchases in the application, and without Internet access, except to download the titles.

Available on iPad, iPhone and Mac, the service has no associated price for the moment. However, several expected titles will be available: Where Cards Falls, Hot Lava and The Pathless are part of it. Monument Valley and Alto Adventures should also be part of the adventure. The service will be implemented this fall in more than 150 countries.