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Apple Arcade: hundreds of millions of dollars invested by Apple


Posted: April 16 2019
Updated: April 14, 2019

by Steve

The apple brand does not want to hit the back of the spoon. The Cupertino company announced, on March 25, many services, including Apple Arcade, a subscription platform for video games. For just a handful of dollars, you can play hundreds of games on iPod, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and this, unlimited and offline. A real blow to the mobile game industry, when you know the strike force ofApple.

Apple Arcade Apple TV Mac iPad iPhone - Apple Arcade: hundreds of millions of dollars invested by Apple

A striking force characterized by big, big money. According to the famous newspaper The Financial Times, the Californian brand is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to prepare its Apple Arcade service. No less than $ 500 million has already been spent, which proves Apple’s immense ambition. Some major titles alone are eligible for several million dollars in investment. Especially since Apple offers additional funding to developers who want to remain exclusive to Apple, and who therefore will not release their games from Android competition.

Apple Arcade risks being a huge service. HSBC bank analysts expect revenue of $ 370 million in 2020, and $ 4.5 billion by 2024.