Apple apologizes for keyboard issues

Apple apologizes for keyboard issues

In early 2019, there were many complaints from Apple customers regarding keyboard malfunctions on their brand new MacBook Air 2018. Despite a significant number, Apple has never accepted the existence of a problem and therefore the support of devices by the after-sales service to date.

It was not the first time that this keyboard model was criticized, the butterfly model. Already on the MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017, the owners had encountered problems with it, but Apple has always turned a deaf ear. With the 2018 edition of its laptop, the Californian firm was still trying to make an improvement with the addition of a rubber membrane supposed to prevent dust and other particulars from getting stuck in the keyboard. A good thing in theory, but in practice, this membrane made certain keys unusable.

But Apple just changed their minds about negative feedback from their customers more scathing column from journalist Joanna Stern in the Wall Street Journal. An article which has the distinction of displaying no E or R or doubling them, as the keyboard sometimes does. Has the message been received?

The Californian firm has finally accepted the butterfly keyboards of the 2018 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro of 2016 today in its tense repair program. An awareness that made Apple apologize, while putting into perspective the number of users affected by this problem: “we are aware that a small number of users have problems with their third generation butterfly keyboard and we are sorry [] The vast majority of Mac laptop customers have positive experiences with the new keyboard ”.

We can hope that Apple will bring a significant fix on the next butterfly keyboards, just to no longer have this kind of problem.