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Apple announces macOS High Sierra

Apple announces macOS High Sierra

A new version of the operating system will be deployed this year on the Mac.

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The next version of MacOS will improve the performance of Apple’s operating system. According to Apple, Safari is now the fastest browser in the world on macOS, and things should continue to move in that direction. MacOS High Sierra has been designed so that the OS performs better. The browser, for example, will automatically block auto-play videos on websites so that they no longer interfere with the user. Apple’s browser will also completely remove ad tracking. Safari will also be 80% faster than Chrome.

Unsurprisingly, the HFS file system will be replaced by Apple's new AFS file system, already deployed on the iPhone.

The most interesting news, however, concerns virtual reality. The new MacOS will indeed be compatible with next-generation virtual reality headsets thanks to the deployment of a new graphics API. Final Cut Pro X has been specially optimized for 360-degree videos.

Despite the new features, Apple’s operating system will be even lighter. It will take 35% less space on the user's hard drive.

The macOS High Sierra public beta will be deployed in June. The update will be as always free, and available to everyone who had already installed macOS Sierra on their computer!