Apple announces damages they expect from Samsung!

Apple vs Samsung: what are the sales estimates?


Posted: August 7 2012Updated: August 7, 2012

by TanguyH

Each day new elements become clearer in the eternal Apple – Samsung fight. For a few days Apple seems to be taking over, which is why they announce what they expect from Samsung.

Apple Samsung - Apple announces damages they expect from Samsung!

Our colleagues from Redmond Pie come back to us with very interesting information about the progress of the trial AppleSamsung. Apple takes over and claims damages. The amount announced was $ 2 billion, only Apple seems to have become greedy.

appledamagescenarios - Apple announces damages they expect from Samsung!

As you can see above, Apple is now asking for more than $ 2.5 billion. Indeed, this amount exceeds the estimated value of this patent infringement, but this is the tactic ofApple: emptying the pockets of competition will make them learn the lesson.

Obviously we already know well Apple, to ask for such a sum they must have certain elements which support their cause. That’s why they called on the company Invotex Group who specialize in cases like this. The two companies have come around the table to discuss money, in the worst case scenario Apple would leave with the heavier pockets of 2.5 billion dollars, in the best of cases this sum would amount to 2.9 billion dollars.

Naturally Apple doesn’t stop there: the company has created a list of 28 products Samsung who would not have respected the patents in possession ofApple. Profits lost from these products Samsung are also calculated in the amount claimed by Apple with design profits as well as royalties.

Apple will she really get away with such a large amount? More to come!