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Apple and Google ahead of Amazon in brand value rankings


Posted: June 13 2019
Updated: June 11, 2019

by Steve

A lost battle for Apple. The apple giant, considered one of the biggest brands of all time, has just been overtaken in the traditional BrandZ ranking which, each year, ranks by value the most important brands in the world. With a 52% growth in its value over one year, the firm Amazon indeed takes the lead and reaches approximately $ 315.5 billion.

Apple is also progressing, reaching $ 309.5 billion with an increase of 4%. A nice little sum that Google can not get, which is worth “only” $ 309 billion. With only 2% growth over a year, the web behemoth therefore loses its leadership. However, he had just chipped it to Apple last year.

The ranking is obviously largely dominated by technology firms. In addition to Amazon, Apple and Google, the top 10 consists of Microsoft, with $ 251.2 billion), Facebook (159 billion dollars), the Chinese brand Ali Baba (131.2 billion), Tencent ($ 130.9 billion) and also thatAT&T ($ 108.4 billion). This classification of brands is established among 3 million people, and coupled with the financial performance of different companies. Hence the decline of Apple which, let us remember, experienced an end of 2018 in deca from the previous Christmas.