Apple and Freemium ports before the courts in the USA

Apple and Freemium ports before the courts in the USA

If you have tried Le Village des Smtrfs, or one of the many other applications and games using the Freemium model, you are undoubtedly aware of the problems involved in such a format. In the United States, in any case, the parents did not drop out of school and even took the case to court, claiming responsibility for Apple. The cause? Many children would have bought for $ 99,339 without even realizing it …


The Freemium is this new format for reporting certain games on the App Store that allows you to pass for free a title that may actually cost you a small fortune. In practice, this format allows mass distribution of a game because of its free. The problem is that very often the user discovers after having downloaded the game that only part of the content is free and that it is generally necessary to spend several euros to increase the speed of the game, to obtain more options, to be able continue playing, etc. The model is currently a victim of its success in the United States with the start of legal action against Apple and the Freemium content available on the App Store.

The application "The Village of the Smurfs"

Parents unhappy with having to pay $ 99,339 for content purchased without their permission by their little offspring, often unaware that the money spent in the game to acquire sarsaparilla was actually their parents' money. The “Village of the Smurfs” is pointed out, but the examples would be legion. Parents denounce the role of Apple and its rule of 15 minutes of authentication on the App Store which would have allowed children to buy without confirmation of the code a multitude of in-app content.

Edward J. David, judge of the court in San Jose, California, has dismissed Apple’s move to quash this action. The American glove will therefore have to defend themselves before the court by invoking the general rules of use of the App Store or will be forced to modify the rules of use by imposing a new interface for in-app purchases.

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