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Apple and Broadcom to pay $ 1.1 billion for Caltech

Apple Broadcom

The patent infringement case between Apple / Broadcom and UniversitCaltech is not new today. Several years have passed since 2016, the year in which Caltech decided to attack the two companies.

Apple Broadcom

The patents concerned are related to IRA / LDPC encoding and decoding technology. According to counsel for Caltech, more than 598 million devices are affected: iPhone, iPad, Mac / iMac, Apple TV, HomePod and AirPort terminals.

Justice has followed Caltech’s expert recommendations on royalties. Apple will have to pay $ 1.40 per device, which represents a total of $ 838 million. For its part, Broadcom’s bill rises 26 cents per device, for a total of $ 270 million. Caltech should therefore receive a small ticket from $ 1.1 billion from both companies.