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Apple: an unlimited video game subscription presented this evening?


Posted: March 25 2019
Updated: March 24, 2019

by Steve

Apple do not intend to let go with his subscriptions. Tonight will be the famous Apple keynote, focused on its services. If it is certain that the apple brand will present Apple Video, its unlimited streaming service, it is also possible that it advertises Apple games, a subscription video game service. Like the Game Pass of the Xbox, the service could offer a wide variety of games at a monthly price that defies all competition.

iPhone games - Apple: an unlimited video game subscription presented this evening?

However, the service, if presented, should not present itself as a competitor of Stadia, the video game streaming platform of Google. No huge bandwidth needed here, since Apple would offer its games for download directly from the App Store. We almost want to tell you that it’s better like that, since in France, the Internet connection is not that much yet.

For a monthly subscription, around 10 € per month, iPhone users should be able to access a large catalog of games. And for developer compensation, it will be based on the time spent by each on their games. The more a player plays, the more money the developer earns. The announcement could take place this evening, or at the WWDC of June. It all depends on Apple’s calendar.