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Apple: an augmented reality headset for 2020?


Posted: March 1 2019
Updated: March 1, 2019

by Steve

Apple is he about to enter the augmented reality headset market? At least that’s what a 292-page patent application seems to prove. The Californian giant has in fact deposited in August a text in which is described a ” augmented reality environment As well as the use of this technology on the iPhone and via headphones.

apple ar - Apple: an augmented reality headset for 2020?

Published on Thursday, the patent also mentions numerous scenarios, in which people wear a helmet in order to see digital images superimposed on the real world. To interact with their digital environment, users have access to a “ touch surface

Discovered by the site Patently apple, the text obviously points to the creation of an augmented reality helmet by the Cupertino company. According to, the helmet could even arrive next year. The apple brand will face competition from other giants in the sector, namely Microsoft with its helmet Hololens 2 (sold 3500 dollars, all the same), which is intended for professional use. The autonomous headset obeys voice commands, detects movement of the hands, eyes, etc. Magic Leap is also on the ranks: their helmet, which costs 2295 dollars for now … while being linked to an external device. Apple would favor this second model.