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Apple: all iPhone, iPad, Mac… affected by a complaint


Posted: April 16 2019
Updated: April 14, 2019

by Steve

In the world of tech, there is an enemy that few dare to name and who nevertheless keeps putting a stick in the wheel: the Patent Trolls. For those at the bottom who are regular readers of World is Small and yet still don’t know what it is, the Patent Trolls are not gigantic monsters hiding under the bridges of the forests, but men and women, like you and me, who have juicy patents for better pursue companies that use it. The result is good remuneration since the judges strictly apply the law, without necessarily thinking about these unbearable trolls.

iPhone XS - Apple: all iPhone, iPad, Mac… affected by a complaint

Today, the firm Red rock, which can now be considered a patent troll, has just sued Apple on the basis of patent No. 7346313, which relates to the technology of Calibration of IQ Balance in Transceivers. If you didn’t understand anything, let’s make it easier: in short, Red Rock attacked Apple compared to the wi-fi system embedded in all Apple devices. Yes, they are ALL concerned. The complainant therefore requests damages and reimbursement of legal costs.

As a reminder, this patent had already been used to attack Samsung. Behind the complaint: Red Rock, again. It was before the court of the East District of Texas, known to have ruled in favor of the patent trolls, that the case was filed.