Apple: AirPower still in the pipeline?

AirPower Apple - Apple : l’AirPower toujours dans les tuyaux ?

Do you remember theAirPower ? Ah, it seems far away, this time, while we are currently in full containment! The AirPower, canceled by the apple brand, was a wireless charging station allowing to recharge the batteries of three products on a single platform. In theory, we would have been able to affix our Apple Watch, our iPhone and our AirPods on it to recharge them at the same time.

AirPower Apple - Apple: AirPower still in the pipeline?

The project, undoubtedly too ambitious, had been presented by Apple in 2017, alongside the iPhone X. We had had no release date, but many problems were leaking over the months, especially in terms of components. It was then canceled a year ago, with the following statement from Apple: “We have concluded that the AirPower does not meet our high standards, and we are canceling the project. “

Apparently, not everything would be canceled. The youtubeur Jon Posser even declares the opposite on his Twitter account! “The AirPower is not dead. The project is back, internally. There is no guarantee that they will finalize and launch it, but they have not given up yet and they are trying to reconfigure the sensors to move the heat more efficiently. The design of the prototype is in progress ”. Cross our fingers.