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Apple: AirPods 2 ad was a fake

Thank God, World is Small did not relay this “info” to you. Entitled ” Obsessed “, An advertisement in the purest style of communicationApple has “leaked” on networks in recent days. Because of its “leakage” status, most media and fans of the apple brand wholeheartedly believed that it had to do with an official advertisement, which Apple had not managed to keep secret. But it is not knowing the Cupertino firm, which has become mistress in securing these projects and other coup de com ‘.

This is the famous website MacRumors who relayed this ad at first. The aesthetics of the video is reminiscent of that of iPod Touch ads, if you are old enough to remember. Black silhouettes dance without stopping in front of a background of colored light. It was then thought that the screenshot and gifs, advanced by MacRumors, were intended to promote the famous AirPods 2, which the world is impatiently waiting for. The black silhouettes could then have referred to the new colors expected for version 2.0 of the wireless headsets.

airpods 2 fake advertising spot - Apple: advertising for AirPods 2 was a fake

The song used is the title Obsessed, by Dangers Twins. In the end, the “ad” was actually a campaign from a marketing agency that had nothing to do with Apple. MacRumors therefore split a tweet in which he apologized flatly. But given his name (MacRUMORS), we forgive him.