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Apple: after the iPod Classic, the end of the iPod Shuffle?

iPod Shuffle - Apple : après l

iPod Shuffle - Apple : après l


Posted: January 8 2015
Updated: January 8, 2015

by Martin

After’iPod Classic last September (read: Apple says goodbye to the iPod Classic), it would seem that the Cupertino company decided to withdraw theiPod Shuffle of its online catalog in the coming weeks.

According to a report released yesterday by 9to5Mac, the iPod Shuffle could indeed bow out shortly, stocks in the Apple Online Store and in Apple’s physical stores being more and more limited.

iPod Shuffle - Apple: After iPod Classic, the end of iPod Shuffle?The site adds that Apple has warned its employees that iPod Shuffle stocks will be reduced for an indefinite period, and that customers looking to buy the player will have to be redirected to the online Apple Store.

As a reminder, the apple brand has not updated the iPod Shuffle since September 2013. When the results of Apple’s first fiscal year 2014 were announced, CEO Tim Cook had also said the iPod was a declining product (read: Q1 2014: $ 57.6 billion CAD for Apple)…