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Apple After-Sales Service: From his chair, he receives 2 new iPhone 5s in a week

Apple After-Sales Service: From his chair, he receives 2 new iPhone 5s in a week

The legendary renown of Apple's after-sales service is no longer demonstrated, but when it comes to satisfying its home customer as quickly as possible, Apple is able to move mountains.


It’s no longer a secret, some units of the production lines of the iPhone 5 were packed while they presented concerns essentially related to the quality of finish. In the same vein, we had also reported a manufacturing problem encountered by Nicolas W., resident of Brussels and member of our forum.

Nicolas is one of these “early adopters“, Who had decided not to wait for the official release in Belgium to get the new flagship object from the apple company.

Excited to be in the queue for the night of September 21 in front of the Cologne Apple Store, Nicolas finally came out with his new iPhone."Back in Brussels in the afternoon, it was time to unpack the thing and be able to enjoy it before everyone else", explains Nicolas, but things did not go as planned. Indeed, our member immediately noted the presence of dead pixel (s) on the screen of the new machine.


When I turned on my new iPhone for the first time in Belgium, I noticed the presence of dead pixels. I'm good to go back there to have it changedMeanwhile, our impatient Nicolas learns that the Apple Store has no stock of iPhone 5 for immediate exchange in case of problems. He decides to postpone his appointment and following the advice of other members, he contacts Apple Belgium after-sales service by telephone.

To his surprise, he is directed to the Apple Care service, reserved for customers who have subscribed to this paid option of 69, and which allows maximum coverage in the event of a problem within the first two years. “I explained to them that I was not happy with the quality of my phone screen and that I wanted to change it. The person I had had online, let's call him Luc, my kind announcement that he did not guarantee delivery in Belgium because Belgian after-sales service was provided by the operator Mobistar. So I reminded him that I live in Belgium but I got the iPhone from an Apple Store in Germany.

Luke therefore programmed me to change my domicile and asked if I would like an express service (included in Apple Care which I had not subscribed to) on condition of blocking a deposit of 679 (price of the bare device) and paying the one-time 'express' fee of 29 (receipt and return of the old device). Within 48 hours, a UPS courier came home to bring me the new iPhone.

Inside this famous envelope were the explanations for returning the model with manufacturing faults. ”


After unpacking the brand-new package, our contact person notes that his new copy has streaks. Neither one nor two, he takes photos and contacts the service again.


“So I got back in touch with the after-sales service by phone and I asked to speak to a manager, responding to Bruno's name this time. He spoke French perfectly and my request to send him photos of the blows on the phone. He then told me that a file had been created for the exchange and that this proof would serve as a guarantee for the acceptance of my new phone. Bruno arranged for the phone to be at my house this Monday. ”

Our unlucky Nicolas was given a second copy within 48 hours by the UPS carrier and he can now take full advantage of his new jewel.

“When the courier came this afternoon I took the opportunity to give him my first iPhone. The second when he leaves Wednesday for Apple's laboratory.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this adventure allowed me to test the Apple Care service with a foreign phone on Belgian soil.

Worried with the imagination of never receiving a model in perfect condition, I still want to congratulate the service "made in Apple" which has proven once again that they do a highly professional job.

Without forgetting UPS which performs very punctual work, and which guarantees a delivery time of 48 hours. ”

In short, a story that ends well for our member who will benefit from a “premium” service from the brand. But the question that burns the lips:

How can we imagine that a smartphone "sidrant", benefiting from the greatest innovations and displayed a price from 689, could present such faults during unpacking?

Thank you Nico for the story of this experience!

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