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Apple advertised QuickPwn!

Apple, on its site which lists the web applications for iPhone, did the advertising for QuickPwn !

It’s actually abouta namesake which is actually a web application allowing to display the developer's site via a WP-Touch interface, a plugin for WordPress

But the little prank didn't take long sinceApple ended up removing QuickPwn of its catalog of web applications. The developer is thunders since its content is absolutely not that of the Dev-Team but a simple interface for wordpress, allowing to adapt a blog for the iPhone!

It would seem, according to the official response, that its web application was refused because it was classified under the wrong category: "Games", while it should have been referred to in the category: "News".

The developer clearly explains on his site that he is not affiliated with the Dev-Team and that his work has absolutely nothing to do with it.

We discuss it on the forum.

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