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Apple activates iPhone repairs in third-party centers in the US

Go Tech - réparations iPhone

Apple recently added a new option for customers, who now have the option of repairing iPhones locally and at third-party centers in select cities in the United States.

Go Tech - iPhone repairs

These repairs will not be made directly by Apple, but by Go Tech Services, a repair service authorized by the company. This is an alternative option for the customer who does not want to go to the Apple Store or who does not want to wait for their product to be sent to a repair center.

However, this option is limited only to iPhone repairs, at this time. Owners of Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and HomePod will necessarily need to follow Apple’s standard procedures for repair.

To access this new option, it's very simple. Just go to the Apple Support web page and in Schedule a Repair. Depending on the customer’s issue and location, repair via Go Tech Services may or may not be listed as an alternative to Apple Stores and authorized service providers.

On-site repair of Go Tech services is currently available in the cities of Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. It is likely that other areas are also covered by the service, but it is difficult to know because Apple does not provide a complete list.

In addition, it appears that Go Tech Services is currently able to handle a limited range of repairs, such as notch replacement.