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Apple acquires RealFace, specialized in facial recognition

Apple realface - Apple rachète RealFace, spécialisée dans la reconnaissance faciale

Apple realface - Apple rachète RealFace, spécialisée dans la reconnaissance faciale


Posted: February 22, 2017
Updated: February 22, 2017

by Martin

Earlier this month, Apple bought the Israeli start-up RealFace, specializing in cybersecurity, machine learning (machine learning) and the facial recognition. The Times of Israel reported that the Tel Aviv-based company, founded in 2014, was acquired by my Cupertino firm for an estimated $ 2 million.

The RealFace website is currently offline, but it is known that the company has developed unique facial recognition technology that incorporates artificial and “brings human perception back to digital processes”. It offers frictionless face recognition software, which allows rapid learning of facial features. The Israeli start-up had also developed an application called Pickeez, which selected and collected the best photos of users across different platforms, using its recognition software.

Apple realface - Apple buys RealFace, specialized in facial recognitionAccording to the latest rumors about the iPhone 8, Apple could replace the physical home button (and therefore the Touch ID) with a 3D facial recognition laser scanner. However, the acquisition of RealFace seems to arrive too late for the technology developed by the start-up to be present on the brand’s next apple smartphone.

RealFace is the fourth Israeli-based company known to have been acquired by Apple. In 2011, the American giant acquired the flash memory specialist Anobit for 400 million dollars, then the 3D sensor company PrimeSense in November 2013 for 345 million dollars. Most recently, in 2015, Apple bought LinX for around $ 20 million.