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Apple accuses Qualcomm of patent theft in landmark lawsuit


Posted: March 6 2019
Updated: March 5, 2019

by Steve

As long as you are a big fan of the apple brand, you are surely aware of the legal hassle in which Apple at the moment. The Cupertino company was indeed questioned by Qualcomm, a former supplier, who accuses him of stealing three of his patents. The war went so far that Qualcomm sought to ban the sale ofiPhone in the USA.

If the case resurfaces this week, it is that it has just been brought to the courts of San Diego, in San Francisco. The trial has therefore started, and the battle promises to be tough for the two actors in place. As said before, Qualcomm accuses the apple brand of having infringed three patents. The first allows a smartphone to connect to the Internet as soon as the device is turned on. The second relates to the autonomy of the telephone, and to its graphic processing. The third allows apps to download more data by having the processor and modem manage traffic.

Apple vs Qualcomm - Apple in turn accuses Qualcomm of patent theft in a historic trial

Except that, suddenly, Apple also accuses Qualcomm! The supplier would have stolen the first of three patents himself, because it would have been the idea of ​​one of Apple’s engineers! ” This is truly the most outrageous allegation in this case Said Juanita Brooks, Qualcomm’s lawyer. And to add: ” They took the idea from us and rushed to the patent office

The current trial is expected to last all week. A second will take place in April, in which the Californian firm will accuse Qualcomm of adopting a dominant position, which means that the price of modems is very high. Qualcomm equips modems and processors integrated into many smartphones Android.