Apple about to buy a flash-oriented company?

Apple about to buy a flash-oriented company?

Anobit, an Israeli company specializing in flash memory, is said to be on the verge of being bought by the Apple glove for $ 400.5 million.

TechCrunch reports the potential takeover of Anobit by the Apple glove for $ 400,500 million. Specializing in flash memory for businesses and the mobile phone / smartphone market, Anobit is notably the owner of its own technology, MSP (Memory Signal Processing). The Israeli company presents its product as being so ingenious and improving the speed, efficiency and performance of Flash memories, with lower costs than normal.

The deal was not formalized by Apple since it would seem that the American company wishes to avoid spreading the noise, as usual. It should be noted, however, that the Flash technology on the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air is already supposed to take advantage of Anobit's knowledge, this purchase allowing Apple to “secure” an important partner in its development strategy.

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Source: AppleInsider