Apple: a tablet but no netbook

Apple: a tablet but no netbook

Image 1: Apple: a tablet but no netbookNetbooks at low prices? Very little for Apple.

Apple repeats no to netbook

If Sony recently sold, the apple company has repeated and repeated again that it did not plan to launch a netbook at low cost, despite rumors that ran at the last WWDC. However, the firm has not denied that it is working on a new project. Following on from the iPod and iPhone, she would be suspected of being on a 9.7-inch touch pad.

But not a touch pad

The Chinese daily China Times is behind these rumors. He would have obtained some new indiscretions from manufacturers of Taiwanese computer components, some of which have already collaborated with the Cupertino company. According to them, the announcement of this touchscreen laptop should be in October, during the usual conference of Apple. They specify “that Apple will not target the low-end market, and will not compete directly with Acer, Asus and their netbooks at low prices”.

The supposed tablet would actually be marketed, at the latest for the holiday season, for the modest sum of 800 dollars.